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MASS is software specifically for Membership and Events management of Social or Sporting Clubs and Association. It can monitor and receipt Membership fees, Client Invoicing, Event ticketing/Bookings/Expenses and Profit & Loss. It can even bulk email Members and keep track of each Committee year by year.

      Easy to use with a simple interface menu

      Maintains Membership Records

      Manages Subscriptions

      Manages Events

      Manages and sends Bulk Emails

      Create Invoices for Advertising, Sponsorships, etc

      Maintain Client details

      Maintain Executive Committee details for each year

      Has a Reminder system

      Fully configurable - turn “on/off” Invoicing, Reminder and Backup Menus

      Reports include

o       Member Address Lists,

o       Address Labels,

o       Subscription receipts

o       Birthday Lists,

o       Welcome  & Arrears Letter,                                  

o       Membership Stats by Postcode,

o       Invoice Reprints

o       Client Outstanding

o       Invoicing Stats between two dates

o       Many more reports…

See what some of our Users have to say about MASS

As webmaster and committee member for the GOA NSW Inc. I have used the MASS software provided by 3000AD Systems extensively for over 2 years. I am pleased to say this product provides us with quick and simple functions we require for updating and maintaining our extensive membership list. Additionally, its extensive features provides us with easy receipting and printing, invoicing and financial reconciliation, and also the ability to record and retrieve data for our many in-house club functions.


A really neat add-on is the ability to print simple member customized  in-house function tickets directly from the membership database. This  has saved us a lot in costs and time rather than having it done at a  printing house

Ron Almeida Web Editor (2006/2012), Goan Overseas Association NSW Inc.

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